Fair Labor Association (FLA)

Global Standards was the first accredited Independent External Monitor (IEM) for the Fair Labor Association's Workplace Code of Conduct in Vietnam and is accredited to monitor all elements of the Code, since 2001.

Global Standards was further accredited by the Fair Labor Association in China, Korea and Thailand in addition to Vietnam.

The Fair Labor Association grew out of the Apparel Industry Partnership, an initiative launched by the Clinton administration in 1996 to address the issue of international labor abuses in the apparel and footwear industries.

The FLA is a multi-stakeholder initiative including representatives from labor organizations, consumer groups, universities and companies.  Currently the FLA includes many major international producers of garments and footwear from the US and Europe including:

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Patagonia
  • Phillips-Van Heusen
  • Puma

For a full list of FLA brands and further information see here.

The FLA has public reporting requirements for its members and posts reports online. More on public reporting and transparency may be found on the FLA website.

FLA has replaced the old IEM audit and monitoring process with SCI assessments based on in depth systematic analysis of root causes with a view to building sustainable compliance solutions for supplier factories and the brands supply chains they form part of. More information on FLA's new SCI project here (PDF).

Global Standards has a trained and experienced team of SCI assessors based in Vietnam able to carry out SCI assessments for clients. 

In addition to SCI, Global Standards is also proud to be participating in FLA 3.0 training project in Vietnam, where we can offer the latest FLA trainings including PREPARE (Dialogue), Human Resources Management (HRM), Wages & Working Hours.

For factories or other interested parties, the full FLA Workplace Code of Conduct (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) in both English and Vietnamese.

For more information about the Fair Labor Association (FLA), please visit the FLA website at www.fairlabor.org.

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