Global Standards consulting group specializes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues including international labor, environmental and safety standards for export manufacturers in Asia.

Headquartered in Vietnam, with regional expertise and reach, Global Standards operates with local teams in Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Korea.

Global Standards conducts consulting, training and monitoring services to:

  • Assist international firms to implement Codes of Conduct and Social Responsibility programs through training, consulting and monitoring of manufacturers
  • Help local manufacturers and suppliers to understand and comply with international standards through training, consulting and capacity building aimed at improving management and documentation systems and attaining compliance goals.

The company's consultants, auditors and trainers combine practical knowledge of local laws and industry practices with experience implementing and monitoring international codes of conduct for the manufacturing sector. Services include:

  • Labor Auditing and Monitoring Services
  • Capacity building and consulting on Implementation, Management & Documentation systems
  • Compliance Training Courses for Management & Staff
  • Research, Surveys and Labor Relations Programs
  • Labor News and Legal Update Services
  • Factory Hotline and Communication trainings and services

Global Standards brings together international expertise on corporate responsibility with in-depth knowledge of Asian working conditions, labor laws and safety standards.

Posting a code of conduct on a factory wall is only a first step. The larger mission that Global Standards sets for itself and its clients is building capacity with the factory, their management and workers to find sustainable social compliance solutions.

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