Global Standards consulting group specializes in evaluating the social impact of work in global value chains, including labor force, environmental and occupational health and safety.

Our work focuses on building the resilience of agricultural, fishing and manufacturing supply chains.

Headquartered in Vietnam, with regional expertise and reach, Global Standards operates with local teams in Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and South Korea.

We aim to develop the sustainability of your supply chains through the following services:

  • Conducting in-depth research on the ways your production impacts people, places and community.
  • Delivering participatory training that engages your workforce in meeting sustainable development goals.
  • Identifying ways to raise the livelihoods of local farmers, fisherfolk and producers.
  • Providing capacity building aimed at improving management systems and attaining compliance goals.
  • Raising the ability of your suppliers to comply with international labor and environmental standards.
  • Monitoring codes of code of conduct in your supply chain.